Monday, March 3, 2014

A Trip to the Herb Nursery

I went to the herb nursery down in Athens, Ohio today, after doing the farmer's market in Clintonville. This nursery has medicinals, traditionals, ornamentals, and culinary plants of all kinds. I thought I'd share what I saw and you can plant geek out with me!

There were two greenhouses- this one was the larger of the two and was in
roughly alphabetical order for a lot of plants.

The right side of the larger greenhouse.

My apprentice got this one, along with henbane and datura.

All the plants had great informative tags.

Picking out a datura.

If I get the shop, this cheerful flowering rosemary will go by the door!

I think milk thistle is gorgeous, don't you?

Our box of delights. That rangy one in the back is an ephedra for me!

This leaf surprised me and bit me!

I took a pic to better show off it's purple spikes. 

Coming back for this one.

This is the spiky plant, aka naranjilla.

We are coming back for this one, too.

We took the trip to the nursery, and then worked on my presentation for this month at City Folks Farm Shop on March 11: Planting a Medicinal Garden. Pre-registration is required.

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