Monday, February 24, 2014

Help Make Columbus' First Herb Store a Reality!

So as many of you know, I am attempting to expand the vision for Boline Apothecary to be of maximum benefit to the people of Columbus. I am not the only one in the area making fantastic, organic, local remedies and body care- and we should all combine forces to make an epicenter of holistic wellness and healing.

To that end, I am seeking funding to launch a brick and mortar storefront. It will not only sell Boline Apothecary products but select others that meet a stringent criteria of locally made, organic, ethical, pronounceable, and effective. I have already approached herbalists, farms, gardens, soapmakers, and many others who I love and respect to carry their wares. I have also approached local potters to create custom work for the store: tea mugs with built in ceramic infusers, aromatherapy diffusers, and shaving mugs, for example. These are unique local items that you will not find elsewhere.

The store will do more than just selling things, however. It is a large enough space to host classes and workshops multiple times per week. We will be hosting classes and DIY workshops on herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Reiki, midwifery, massage, and so much more.

The storefront also has a great private practitioner space that will serve as low-cost rental for holistic health care professionals (I plan on having the space have a massage table as well as table, chairs, and other furnishings- so it can serve an aromatherapist, midwife, herbalist, or other practitioner as well as those who use massage tables).

It is also next to an urban homesteading store- so our two constituencies overlap nicely. Together, we plan on co-hosting events such as food and seed swaps, weekly salons on sustainability, and much more. Together, the two stores hope to form a hub for those interested in permaculture, eco-friendly living, and sustainability.

And this is just the beginning. As I hear from people in the community about their needs and desires, those will be incorporated, too. I hope that the store does well enough to hire on employees who get paid a living wage. In short, I want to be an ethical local business with a community focus.

If you like this vision, please help me make it a reality. I am an ordinary working person without a trust fund. I put myself through herb school and holistic training. And as you can well imagine, healing (like education and caregiving) is not a profession that makes one independently wealthy.

As for my credentials, I am a trained herbalist who has also studied other kinds of healing, including traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. I am a Reiki master who has ties to many holistic communities. I have established some great connections in my two years in Columbus already through the farmer's markets and local art organizations. I ran a successful profitable business in California that employed seven people in addition to myself, so do not have doubts that this project can succeed, if I get the seed money to launch.

To the right, you will see a gofundme campaign. If you like what you have read, click the link and donate.

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