Monday, March 24, 2014

Herbalism, Sustainability, and Holistic Links

Herbalists without Borders, an international network of medicinal plant professionals that encourages communication and the development of international projects, safeguards herbal wisdom, creates a representative force to protect plant related crafts, and protects wild medicinal plants.

Herb Geek, a thoughtful blog for herbalists by herbalists.

Countering Racism and Oppression in Holistic Healing, an article that appeared on Decolonizing Yoga.

DIY Herbalism Feed, a collection of great blog posts on DIY Herbalism.

New Anti-Migraine Tiara approved by FDA. It works by stimulating the trigeminal nerve. You know, like acupuncture has for thousands of years...

Foraging Mania! A new Foraging TV show!

American Herbalists' Guild celebrates 25 Years!

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