Thursday, January 15, 2015

We are moving! Help!

Well, the search and angst is over- after months of searching, I have signed a lease. On February 1, 2015 Boline Apothecary moves into its new digs at 15 W. Dunedin Road. We are busy up until the day before the move, teaching classes running events, and attending farmer's markets. So we need your help to make this happen smoothly!

How can you help support a fledgling business make this important move?

1. Sign up for the email list to find out when we are back open for business. We hope to only take 3-4 days, but as we are doing this on a shoestring, we may have to take longer! Email list signup is on the right here on the blog.

2. Come buy things from our clearance table- things left from the holidays or discontinued items that we do not want to move.

3. Drop off boxes in the shop prior to January 31. We will be packing, packing, packing and can use them!

4. Volunteer to pack or help us move! We are packing starting at 1 PM on Saturday, January 31, and moving all the boxes Sunday, February 1st. We need folks with strong backs and vehicles to help schlep boxes from place to place on Sunday the 1st. We also need handy people with tools to help us install our shelving in the new shop February 2!

5. Donate to our crowdsourcing campaign! We need to set up new accounts, print new collateral with the new address, paint the building, install new signage, and a lot more. Your contribution will help us (and get you some pretty nifty schwag)!

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